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Evaluation & Consultation



I like to take an individualized approach to each child whom I see for evaluation or consultation. The format presented here is my general approach to assessment, but some youngsters have an extensive medical history or other important factors that may make the process longer than the stated number of sessions.


Typically parents fill out a variety of forms prior to the first visit. The evaluation itself generally consists of four visits:

  • The first is an hour-long session with the parent(s) or other legal caregiver(s). 

  • The second visit is a 45-minute meeting with the child. The session will begin and end with a brief consultation with parent(s)/caregiver(s). 

  • The third and fourth visits are 45 minutes sessions and may include the parent(s)/caregiver(s) and the child.


The goal of these meetings is to get a good sense of who the youngster is, assessing for both strengths and weaknesses and to determine what testing may be needed to get the best understanding of the child's difficulties.


Diagnostic conclusions and recommendations will be discussed at the last session.  I don't provide written reports.


The evaluation often includes testing such as, basic complete blood count, liver, kidney and metabolic functions,  vitamin and mineral levels, thyroid assessment, urinalysis, and an EKG. More specialized testing (e.g. strep titers, Lyme disease testing etc.) will be ordered on an individualized basis. Consultations with other pediatric specialists may be recommended


Copies of all evaluations and testing are requested to be forwarded to the office prior to the initial visit.


Testing ordered and treatment recommended will depend upon the individual’s psychiatric presentation.


Payment is due at the time of the visit. This office does not participate in any insurance plans. Patients will be given coded receipts to submit to their insurance company.

My staff and I are in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please feel free to contact the office, at (908) 598-0200 with any questions.


I'm looking forward to meeting you and your child/adolescent.

Rosalie Greenberg, M.D.

Areas of Expertise
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