Recent Presentations:



Tick-borne Illness (TBI) and Psychiatric Illness: Psychoneuroimmunology In Action  Seattle Children’s Hospital      Seattle, Washington      3/2019                                          

Psychiatric Manifestations of Tick-Borne Disease in Children and Adolescents    

 ILADS Conference     Baltimore, MD                                          04/2018


Neurological Tick Infections, Mental Illness & Suicide Prevention

Educational Summit – ‘Bipolar Symptoms in Children with Tick Vector Infections’  Clifton, NJ      9/2017


The Emotional and Cognitive Effects of Lyme and Other Tick-borne Disorders in Young Adults, Youth and Children

PA Lyme Resource Network –Tick-borne Disease Symposium      5/2016                                                                    


Possible Role of Infections in Childhood Psychiatric Disorders

Overlook Medical Center  Summit, NJ      12/2015


Infectious and Immune Disorders Causing Psychiatric Illness

ILADS Annual Conference     Fort Lauderdale, Fl.   10/2015


Tick-borne Illnesses and the Brain: Implications for Pediatric Psychiatry   ILADS Annual Conference     Washington DC       10/2014


Greenberg, R ‘Is It ADHD, Bipolar or Both?’ DBSA (Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance)    Morristown, NJ     11/2013


Mental Health Resources for the families and caregivers of Children and Adolescents     NAMI NJ Annual Conference         12/2012


Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents, Diagnostic Issues and Approaches to Treatment.   Brattleboro Retreat    Vermont  04/2011


Rescuing Childhood- Understanding Bipolar Disorders in Children and Adolescents    Overlook Hospital     11/ 2009


Greenberg, R Rescuing Children – Understanding Bipolar Disorders in Children and Adolescents   AACAP General Meeting  Hawaii 10/ 2009


Greenberg, R   ‘Is it Pediatric Bipolar Disorder, ADHD or Both’    

Presented 4/08 AEP 16th Annual Congress of Psychiatry.   Nice, France 


‘Is it Bipolar Disorder or Asperger Syndrome or Both?’ ASPEN,   North Edison, NJ   April 2008


When Acting Out isn’t Acting – Summit High School Special Education- Summit, NJ  January 2008


CABF Online Chat    November 2007


‘When Acting Out isn’t Acting’  - Vernon, NJ    November 2007